Hello, I’m Brian Li.
I design things with humans for humans.



3 months ago

Canibal 01

Coming soon...

3D Animation

3 months ago


8 months ago



Ecommerce website for up-and-coming Belgian Canadian shoe designer Andrew Durot.

3D Illustration

8 months ago

Nytmag republicans 01s

The New York Times Magazine

Can the G.O.P. Senate Majority Survive Donald Trump?

3D Illustration

9 months ago


Le village du lait

Series of illustrations made for a campaign to promote a positive image of milk and dairy products in France.

12 months ago

Date scroll


Proposed interaction design and prototype for a horizontal calendar scroll to quickly select dates that are not too far in the future. The idea is to always have a sense of where you are in time relative to 'Today', by having an indication while you are scrolling and when you've selected a date. Made with Sketch and Framer. The images are placeholders from a different project.

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