Hello, I’m Brian Li.
I design things with humans for humans—


Shouldiexchangenow drive 2x

Animated icon for a web product I built—shouldiexchangenow.com helps save or make money when converting foreign currency. 

Check the producthunt page at https://www.producthunt.com/posts/should-i-exchange-now and learn more about the project here: http://www.brianlsf.com/forex-shouldiexchangenow


Should I Exchange Now

Equidia meteo 01

One in a series of weather icons designed to be used in a TV graphics environment to accompany the channel's new visual identity.


Equidia disciplines 01

Icons representing the different disciplines in horse racing. They were designed to be legible at regular and small sizes primarily for TV but also for use on web, mobile and print.


3D Animation


Interface videos made for b:bot—a consumer-facing machine that automatically detects the material composition and content of plastic bottles and shreds them to produce re-usable composites.

TV Graphics Design

Equidia wide


Live TV & multimedia environment redesign for the French channel specializing in horse racing, equestrian sports and the horse world. Covering 10 hours of live races every day, Equidia is effectively the biggest sport broadcaster in Europe.

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Branding & Packaging



Branding and packaging design for a revolutionary hangover remedy that dramatically reduces the effects of casual heavy drinking.

Web Design


Play it Green. Canibal

Canibal is a consumer-facing machine that can recognize, sort and compress different types of beverage wastes including bottles, cans and cups.

Web Design

Jents wide


Ecommerce website for up-and-coming Belgian Canadian shoe designer Andrew Durot.

3D Illustration

Nytmag donald trump

The New York Times Magazine

3D renders for illustrations by Alvaro Dominguez in the NYT Mag article “Can the G.O.P. Senate Majority Survive Donald Trump?”

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